Here we pack in loads of the really useful stuff for your new life after divorce.  All those life skills that you never really got to grips with are covered for you – cooking, gardening, DIY and some great recipes.  Re-establishing some form of domestic normality and routine will help you to build a solid foundation for a new and better future.

Seasonal eating

Buying food produced as near to where you live as possible can cut the distance our food travels dramatically, thus saving energy and helping keep local farmers and producers in business.


Preparing the ground

If gardening is a new experience to in your post divorce life then getting the ground prepared ready for planting is the first stage in transforming your neglected patch into a pleasant space.


Do It yourself home care

Getting divorced means you are in sole charge of the upkeep and maintenance of your home.  Keeping the roof over your head in good repair is vital and regular checks will help you keep on top of things.


Basic groups of plants

An understanding of the basic plant groups is important for the new gardener. If you have tended little more than a windowbox in your post divorce life then get growing with our simple guide to what's what in garden plants.


Gardening for divorcees and other people as well

Don't just vegetate, get in the garden and get some fresh air and exercise. As well as being a way to unwind in your post divorce life, gardening can be an immensely fulfilling pastime.


Grow your own

If you want to bask in the virtuous glow of the 'good life' get sowing. You can also save money on your food bills by growing at least some of your own fruit and veg if funds are tight since your divorce settlement.


Basic tool kit

There is no point in tackling any job around the house if you don't have the correct tools, you will just get angry and frustrated. If getting divorced meant that your ex spouse got the toolkit you will need to beg, borrow or buy the basics.


Not a lot of plot

If you only have a window box or a few pots on a balcony you can still indulge your urge to grow a few well chosen plants to enhance your new life following divorce.


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