Join a club, maybe even a gym!

Join a gym and get fit for your life after divorce. The gym can be a great place to meet new people but beware men with large muscles keeping an eye on their lycra clad girlfriends or vice versa!

dreamstime_1516878.jpgImprove your health (and your social life) at the gym
Think about it.  A health club is an obvious place to meet people with whom you have something in common – keeping fit.  And while not everyone there will be divorced and wishing to socialise, the modern gym – with its juice bars, saunas, jacuzzis, spas, steam rooms and therapies – has become as much of a lifestyle experience as a way to improve and maintain good health.

Choosing a club
Initiating a health and fitness regime is hard enough without making it more difficult by joining a health club that doesn't meet your needs.  Before handing over your hard earned cash consider the following:

Location Location Location
It has to be convenient or you’ll use that as an excuse not to go.  The closer and easier it is to get to, the better.

Get your money's worth
Not all gyms are the same so make sure they have exactly what you want - you don't want to waste any of that precious divorce settlement money - and similarly, make sure you are not paying a fortune for facilities you will never use.  For example, a suitable creche at the gym may mean you would get much more use out of it than one with expensive equipment but no childcare.

Hands on experience
Ask for a trial membership or a day pass and spend some time trying the equipment and sizing up the atmosphere of the place. How busy is it? Are the staff helpful?  Are the facilities well maintained? Who's that gorgeous bloke/girlie on the rowing machine?

Costs and contracts
Membership fees can sometimes be a complicated business, with lots of different deals available.  So check out exactly what is included - personal training, classes, pool, towel service, lockers, child care, etc.  Watch out if there are extra costs for additional services.

How to pull more than a muscleworking hard in the gym 
If you want serious socialising along with your step class and sauna, there are some tactics and gym etiquette you should get to grips with before you slide (or wrestle) into your lycra.

Show that you're serious about getting fit. If it seems you are only there to make friends and meet members of the opposite sex, you’ll just appear one of the desperate and divorced and no-one will be interested.

Don't turn up in your old gardening T-shirt and trackie bottoms or worse, a shell suit (can you still buy them)?  Wear something a little more flattering. By the same token, don’t go overboard with the designer gear.  Simple elegance is the aim.

If you are a bit overweight then go for something loose. The rule is the better the body the tighter the kit.  Get the right kit and you will soon be into the serious business of getting into shape and impressing the gym bunny on the cross trainer. 

Sign up for a class. Chaps might want to try pilates and girls kick-boxing or vice versa.

You can't assume that everyone is there for the same purpose as you.  So you still have to go through the process of talking to the person and getting to know more about them before anything more intimate can happen.  Also bear in mind that people do actually go to the gym purely to work out and don't want to talk to anybody.  So stop trying to fashion the killer chat up line and get back on your treadmill!


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