Sensible eating and drinking

Being sensible about what you and eat and drink in your post divorce life does not mean being restricted to a diet of wheatgrass juice, sprouted mung beans and no salt, no sugar and no fat.

lots of lovely fruitPlease yourself
Most of us will have tales to tell of former wives or husbands with curious and apparently irrational tastes in food and we may have taken the line of least resistance at meal times and indulged their appetites rather than our own. 

Getting divorced and being single again means that you can take full control of what goes into your shopping basket and onto your plate.  Now is the time, when you have no-one else to please, to make your post divorce diet a good one.

Why don't we eat properly?
The reasons why so many of us either overeat or conversely, practically starve ourselves are amazingly complex.  Depending on which publication you read on which day we are either constantly stuffing our faces on burgers and chips with everything and turning ourselves into twenty four stone lardarses or nibbling on half a lettuce leaf a week in order to fit into a size 4 frock (the infamous American size zero).

Weight loss
This  is a subject which at any given time appears to preoccupy a majority of the female and, increasingly, the male, dreamstime_3356452.jpgpopulation of the UK.  It is now commonly acknowledged that diets don’t work if you want to lose weight and keep it off long term and eating too little is just as bad for you as eating too much.  Moderation in all things!

Eat too much or too little
Over eating can lay you open to heart disease, the risk of a stroke and diabetes amongst other things.  Eating too little and you run the risk of osteoporosis, hair loss, low blood pressure - which can cause dizziness and fainting.  Menstruation may become erratic or stop altogether in extremely thin women and the heart muscle can waste away resulting in eventual heart failure.

Sensible drinking
Alcohol, drunk in judicious quantity in appropriate circumstances provides much pleasure to many people. Raising a glass with friends in a relaxing environment is one of life’s greatest satisfactions and one which few of us would wish to forgo.

There is some evidence that a modest quantity of alcohol (red wine is best) is actually beneficial and can help prevent coronary disease in the over forties.  However, this is much disputed and some estimates reckon that a third of adults in the UK are putting their health and well-being at risk from excessive consumption of alcohol.

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