Post marital singleton

With 30% of all UK households now in single occupancy, and 40% of marriages ending in the divorce courts being single and divorced no longer carries the stigma that was once associated with it.

The post divorce single life
In the great big scheme of things, were you really any happier when you were married than you are now as a post divorce single man or woman? 

OK, with marriage you get companionship, regular sex (sometimes) and unconditional love (sort of) but even with these positives you have to compromise and make accommodations for your partner's or family's needs.  Occasionally even turning a blind eye to behaviour you wouldn’t tolerate if you were single.

Staying single can be the best way to go
Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages to being single and you should weigh up where you stand before you start looking for that elusive partner because you just might find that you are happier and better off, financially and emotionally, on your own with your uncompromising, autonomous and gloriously stroppy self.

Good things about being single after a divorce
When you’ve just been through a divorce, you become painfully aware of all the couples around you being well, couples.  You think every couple is holding hands and looking happy.  They arn't, it's just your imagination. 

Your couple radar is sensitively tuned and you either want to run home sobbing or frantically sign up to every online dating site to look for a potential mate.  These scenes of such open coupledom - have they no self control?

It is no longer written in stone that you have to be part of a couple to have status in the eyes of others because of the massive change in society's attitudes and the changing nature of relationships between men and women.

woman on beachHave fun after divorce
Being single means you are free to meet as many people as you choose but it doesn’t mean you should put yourself about.  This is never a satisfying way to go but it means you don’t have to pretend to be turned on by a boring, overweight husband, who thinks a five minute fumble after Sky Sports is in any way impressive.  Or, indeed by an indifferent and uptight wife who prefers computer games to real communication with you.

If you’re single you can experience that just met frisson of sexual excitement over and over again.  You can savour the moment without acting on it if you don’t want to. and when that intoxicating mix of lust and mystery wears off you can choose to go elsewhere.

If you are desperate for the company of a member of the opposite sex but aren't keen on trawling round pubs, bars or clubs then why not try our dating site.  It's free to join and you never know who you might meet.

Personal development
Another great thing now you are divorced is the chance to focus on your personal development. When you’re in a relationship you spend a fair amount of your time or, in some cases all of it, accommodating your own needs, desires and opinions to those of someone else or several someone elses.

Statistics show that a great many people start up new business ventures after a divorce, go back into education to achieve a new qualification, or take off for that post divorce trip round the world.

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