Flirt your way to a better life after divorce

Meeting new people is the foundation of a good life after divorce.  Whether it's making a new circle of friends, successful dating or finding a new partner, making productive relationships with new people is always the first step.

The techniques of flirting can be adapted to work equally well in the context of a business meeting as they can on the first hot date with the ‘to die for man/woman' straight from our very own dating site.  

After a divorce the first thing to suffer is your self confidence.  Whether the divorce was mutual or not, both of you have to come to terms with the fact that the relationship has failed and everyone knows about it.  Rebuilding that self confidence is key to getting your life after divorce back together, body language can help.

Man and woman flirting in a barBody Language
Body language is a powerful means of making contact with and showing interest in someone be they a customer or a potential partner.  Here are some key ideas.

There's nothing like a nod
Nodding gently when listening to someone shows interest and involvement in what they have to say.  The nods are best done in pairs and well spaced as too many nods give the impression of impatience and a desire to interrupt.

If you overdo it you end up like those nodding dogs people used to have in the back of their car and you become enormously annoying to everyone.

Body posture is very important
Matching your body posture to your date is both relaxing and flattering.  You are conforming to them without being subservient but showing you want to please. 
Another key feature of body posture is to avoid folding your arms.  This is a very defensive gesture and on the first date clearly signals that it will also be the last date.

Put your hands on the table!
One of the most positive gestures is to lean (or stand) slightly towards someone.  If you are sitting down and you combine this with putting your hands on the table and moving them towards the other person then you are really communicating interest and attraction.

Combine this with a few well spaced nods and there can be no doubt about what you feel.  Gazing into to their eyes as well may do it in a dating situation but it could be a gesture too far with a new customer or client!  On second thoughts go for it, if you don't get the business you might find true love and someone to share your new life after divorce!

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