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The website was conceived and brought into the world by Nick Webbe not long after his divorce.  Like many divorces it was not a nice experience and left him on his own without a job and with very little money.  There was a major problem to be solved and a new life to be made.

It's often said that if you are going to write a novel then write about things you know.  The idea of an internet business was appealing.  What did I know about websites?  Not that much.  Was I smart enough to learn and was I prepared to risk it all to find out?

Well, yes I was and I took the advice about sticking to stuff you know about - divorce, but more importantly the challenges of life after divorce.  Thus was born this modest enterprise to help men and women to overcome the problems of divorce, rise to the challenges of life after divorce and so create a better life for them and their children.             

dreamstime_1575548.jpgNick Webbe
Nick was born a long time ago on the anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare.  It was after one of the coldest winters on record.  He arrived in the bleak post World War II period of food rationing, fuel shortages and Europe in ruins.  Not long after that the 1960s came along and everything was wonderful.

After an independent education in Brighton (in the days of the Mods and Rockers and before it became the coolest place this side of Hoxton) Nick headed for London to study for a business degree and much later an MBA.

The world of advertising beckoned first then to be followed by photography, property development, marriage and business consultancy – although not in that order.  The marriage lasted the longest but eventually and sadly that too came to an end.

However, without his divorce this website would not have been conceived, so a small measure of thanks must go to Nick’s former wife as well as a large measure of thanks to his wonderful children for their love and support while he laboured in the cyberspace vineyard.

Nick’s most favourite things are: Victorian houses, Led Zeppelin, The Clash and Neil Young as well as red wine with a well designed label on offer at no more than £4.99, gothic cathedrals, movies, black and white photography and the novels of John Updike.

Alice Taylor
In the early days Nick was joined by a business partner, Alice Taylor.  Alice contributed greatly to the more domestic elements of the site and her sense of humour together with an individual take on life were a great help in building the site.  Alice wanted to move on to other challenges and her contribution is greatly appreciated.        


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