Preparing the ground

If gardening is a new experience to in your post divorce life then getting the ground prepared ready for planting is the first stage in transforming your neglected patch into a pleasant space.

digging the gardenPreparing the ground 
How does your garden grow? Well, in the initial stages it’s not as much a matter of silver bells and cockle shells as preparing the ground by removing debris and loosening and aerating the soil.

Clearing out vegetation from the previous year is the single most effective pest control measure you can take. Eggs from insects and disease spores from last year’s growth can wreak havoc with fragile new plants, so have a thorough assault on any debris before you do anything else.

Now for a little gentle digging
Once this is done use a spade or a garden fork to dig and break up the soil to a depth of at least six inches. The idea is to create a uniform, porous seedbed for seeds and seedlings. Any plants that root below five or six inches are capable of penetrating most soils.

If the garden tools went to your other half in the divorce settlement, don’t worry, the basics (i.e. spade, fork, trowel etc) are relatively inexpensive and readily available.  All soil benefits from the addition of organic matter.  Digging in well rotted garden and kitchen waste, composted leaves or lawn clippings will help to form a soil structure that allows roots to breathe and grow and also helps to retain vital moisture and nutrients.

Having a compost heap at the end of the garden will not only recycle all those vegetable peelings you previously threw into your dustbin to be sent to a landfill site but will provide you with a valuable resource to make your garden flourish.  Compost bins are easily available from under forty pounds.

outdoor eatingGet some good advice from the experts by reading a great gardening book
Gardening books can be a great help in guiding you through the complex world of gardening.  There are pitfalls to be avoided and great joys to be experienced.  Take some time to browse the books available to inspire and delight you.    

Time to relax
After all that hard work you will probably want to celebrate by inviting a friend or two round for some perfectly cooked food on a balmy summer evening.  There is no better way to show off all your hard work than to have a barbecue and a few glasses of wine and then sit back and accept the compliments.



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