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If you want to bask in the virtuous glow of the 'good life' get sowing. You can also save money on your food bills by growing at least some of your own fruit and veg if funds are tight since your divorce settlement.

fine ripe tomatoesGrow your own vegetables
Growing at least some of your own food is perfectly feasible in your new life after divorce and will help take your mind off your woes. The smallest garden is capable of sustaining a plot or even some containers devoted to fruit and vegetables and most are not difficult to cultivate given a little loving care. 

Tomatoes, Beans and Brassicas
These are particularly suited to growing in pots in or out of a greenhouse. Most vegetables are annuals grown from seed and packets come with growing information on the the back, so it is advisable that you research the best varieties for your garden before you clear the racks at your local garden centre.

Broad, runner and French beans, brassicas (cabbage family) courgettes and tomatoes can be bought as immature plants in trays and pots which you may find more convenient if you do not have a cold frame or a greenhouse for bringing on seedlings.

Feeling fruity? beautiful ripe raspberries Fruit growing does not have to involve an orchard of apple or plum trees or acres of polytunnels protecting early (and late) crops of strawberries.  A modest suburban garden can support at least one or two small modern fruit trees and if you are more adventurous and have the patience, cordons and espaliers of fruit will make good use of a fence or a wall.

How about trying a fig tree
A fig tree will flourish in a sunny sheltered garden and less usual fruiting trees such as quince look stunning with their crops of golden fruit in the autumn and are not difficult to grow.

A few raspberry canes and some strawberry plants can easily be incorporated into a flower border along with a handsome stand of rhubarb or a couple of gooseberry or blackcurrant bushes.  Think of it now, a summer full of fine fruits. 


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