Gardening for divorcees and other people as well

Don't just vegetate, get in the garden and get some fresh air and exercise. As well as being a way to unwind in your post divorce life, gardening can be an immensely fulfilling pastime.

To boldly grow…  
You may have dreams of stepping through a doorway framed with glorious old fashioned scented roses and honeysuckle into an idyllic garden full of lavender, hollyhocks and apple trees laden with fruit, or of sitting down to a meal of freshly picked home grown vegetables.  But then the reverie gives way to the reality of bindweed, bugs and blight.

So what is the attraction of gardening that makes it irresistible to some and anathema to others. How many rocky relationships have been tipped over the edge by arguments about whose turn it was to mow the motley collection of moss and weeds laughingly referred to as a lawn? “He refused to cut the grass, m’lud” has probably been cited as one of the reasons for a divorce on more than one occasion.

garden flowersThe joy of gardening
Seeing a piece of hitherto neglected ground flourish can make all the preparation, patience and attention worthwhile. Indeed, gardening can be wonderful therapy for a troubled soul after the trauma of divorce bringing a sense of well being and calm alongside the satisfaction of creating something both beautiful and useful.

But this sense of fulfilment is only part of the pleasure. The physical experience of gardening is also intensely rewarding as well as providing essential exercise.  Whatever trials and tribulations you may have experienced with your divorce, there’s no better way to get life back into perspective than grabbing a garden fork or a spade and getting stuck into those weeds.

beautiful purple flowersLittle and often
Gardening, like housework, is best done little and often.  There is no point in knocking yourself out once or twice a year having a massive onslaught on accumulated weeds and overgrown shrubs and hedging.  It is much better to tackle it in manageable chunks over a period of time.

If your garden has been very neglected then you may find it worthwhile getting some professional help restoring order or if you have offspring try bribing them to give you a hand.  Thereafter, as long as you spend a little time keeping grass and hedges cut and the worst of the weeds at bay you may find that time spent in your garden gradually becomes more of a pleasure and less of a chore.


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