Do It yourself home care

Getting divorced means you are in sole charge of the upkeep and maintenance of your home.  Keeping the roof over your head in good repair is vital and regular checks will help you keep on top of things.

Are you on top of your house or are the repairs and general upkeep on top of you?
Cars have gauges to tell you when they are overheating or running low on fuel, and they make odd noises to tell you when there is something wrong.

Unfortunately, houses don’t possess such sophisticated feedback mechanisms.  There is no indicator to tell you the gutter is filling up with leaves, or your washing machine is about to flood the kitchen or a family of squirrels have set up home in the attic and are gnawing through your electricity cables!

Basic house maintenance
This  will save you a great deal of time, money and stress by averting major problems in the future.  So, whatever the size, style or age of your life after divorce home, don’t wait until disaster strikes, take a proactive approach and keep up to date with your household repairs.

Give your home a health check
When it comes to the fundamentals of preventative home maintenance, there are a few key areas on which to keep a close eye. Get into the habit of making a weekly inspection.

fixing the guttersCheck gutters and drainpipes for blockages and leaks.  Check the appearance of the roof and any chimney stacks from ground level. Are any tiles coming loose, or is there cement crumbling away?  If so, get it fixed before the wind and the frost get in and make things much worse.  Take a look inside the attic for evidence of water coming in.

Look for any indication of leaks in the kitchen and bathroom, especially around toilets and under sinks.  Water will find its way through the tiniest crack and work its way down through gaps in the floorboards.  So, examine grouting around ceramic tiles, and the seal around the edge of the bath and shower.  Boring job but could save money in the future.  

Smoke detectors, if you haven't got 'em, get 'em!
Make sure you check smoke your detectors regularly for correct operation. Most have a red button to press for testing. If there’s a problem you may need to change the battery.  Some types can be wired into the mains and so you will never have to worry about checking the batteries.  Good idea.

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