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When it comes to the practicalities of finding a home then there are more options than ever available. Long gone are the days when a local estate agent in a dodgy suit and a questionable tie was the only route to finding a house.

book on selling your homepretty terraced housesThe internet or estate agents
As always the internet is the answer to all your needs!  There are now loads of sites which will help you to search for a property to buy or rent.

You can also use the internet to market a property privately which will avoid estate agents fees.  However, don't forget your friendly local estate agent.  They do have something to offer and often work with the internet property sites. 

What's the best way to go
If you are buying in the same area then checking out the high street estate agents is a sensible start.  The thing about estate agents is that they range from the completely incompetent to the totally indispensible.  Unfortuneatly most of them live down towards the completely incompetent end of the spectrum.

Estate agents or DIY?
Using a good estate agent can save you time trailing around looking for likely properties and when selling the best of them will weed out time wasters and the professionally nosy.  They will also put you on their mailing list and keep you up to date with likely properties in your chosen price bracket and area.

If you are selling a property as well you could do this yourself without an estate agent.  However, don't do this until you have as much information and advice as possible before you make this decision.  It's a tricky business and you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages very carefully.

Remember the legal stuff
Don't forget, which ever way you decide to go you will need someone to do the legal work (conveyancing) for you.  We can help by offering you a choice of local solicitors who are experts. 

The internet
There are many sites to help you find a property to meet your needs but also give you a wealth of information about individual properties you might be interested in plus others in the same street, town or village.  A lot of this information comes from the Land Registry and is both fascinating and very useful.

Maybe rent for a while
In the short term many people, particularly in the aftermath of a divorce, may find it more convenient to rent a property while they look around for something suitable to buy.  If you don’t need a whole house or flat to yourself or need some help with the rent (or with the mortgage if you are buying a property) then there are websites that will help you to find someone suitable with whom to share.

Keeping your stuff safe
There are lots of companies who will arrange secure storage for your worldly goods and chattels if you have to move into temporary accommodation.  They aren't cheap but they do allow you to look after your possessions safely.

So if you can survive the actual process of divorce, and find somewhere to live without losing your sanity then you are probably set fair to get on with whatever comes in your new life after divorce.

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