What you really need is a divorce finance expert

Divorce is all about the future of your children and the division of the money both now and in the future. If you have no children or they are grown up then it's just about how the family assets and future earnings should be split.  This is often the most difficult part of the divorce to agree.

Best divorce advice
Getting the best advice from an Independent Financial Adviser is vital in helping you navigate the financial perils of divorce.  The financial settlement takes the most time and can be the biggest element in your solicitor's bill.

The negotiations are all about the numbers so it can become the most stressful and challenging part of the divorce process.  So often each party is trying to gain the upper hand, to win the point and feel vindicated by getting a bigger share of the family pot.

The right financial advice during divorce
To navigate your way through this you need an Independent Financial Adviser who has the knowledge and experience to give the best possible financial advice.  They are not tied to any financial institutions and will work solely on your behalf.  Good advice will help you ensure that your life after divorce is in the best financial shape.

What can an Independent Financial Adviser do for you during a divorce?
It is vitally important that impartial divorce financial advice is sought as soon as possible.  Most solicitors can only advise up to a point, they are not experts in financial advice.  From then on you are either on your own (which is scary) or you need the services of a financial adviser.  Independent Financial Advisers are best as they can offer solutions that are best suited to your needs choosing from the whole marketplace.

Your Home & Mortgages
Your home may have to be sold, or you may need to raise money against the value of your home via a mortgage.  If you already have a mortgage secured on your home, the mortgage may have to be increased, and/or moved to a new home.  Getting the best deals in the marketplace could make a significant difference to the outcome of these arrangements.

Pensions may have to be shared out under Court orders.  Pension sharing is complex and can make a long term difference to your financial wellbeing, so expert advice must be sought.  If you are giving up/receiving pension funds via a court order, correct advice ensures that any transfers proceed as problem free as possible.

Woman in a field who has just bought life insuranceLife Insurance
Change in circumstance always necessitates a review of protection arrangements.  Ensure that payouts from life policies and other protection arrangements go to the peron or persons that you want them to go to.  Now that you are divorced these important details may have changed.  It's so easy to overlook this and if you do your current intentions will not be known to your insurers.

As with Pensions, Investments may have to be shared out via court order.  Cashing in inappropriate investments and assets can sometimes result in unwelcome tax bills.

In addition to advising on the above Independent Financial Advisers can advise on your total financial position looking at the situation in the round to identify the impacts and opportunities that arise during the whole process of becoming single again.







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