It's never too late to get a divorce but is it a good idea?

 The baby boomers born after the Second World War from the late 1940s to the early 1960s are now the grandparents of today.  This has not stopped them from being in the vanguard of the divorce statistics. 

two dogs hoping not to divorceThese baby boomers hit their stride in the late 60s and 70s when divorce was a rare event.  They created a social and cultural revolution the like of which the world had never seen before and probably won't see again for some time to come.

Life after divorce becomes an attractive proposition
A new era of self expression and self fulfillment dawned.  Sexual exploration, recreational drugs and non-conformity were the norm for many riding the wave of change. 

Now as the baby boomers reach the ‘Happy Hour' of their lives they are reconsidering their marriages in the light of those trusted principles of self expression and self fulfillment.  As life expectation continues to lengthen, divorce becomes a viable and indeed attractive option with life after divorce a beckoning future.

They are the first generation of a new wave of grandparents who, reinforced by Viagra and gym membership, are looking for new worlds to conquer as well as old ones to abandon. 

Divorce advice
What advice could or should be offered to the restless baby boomers?  I guess the same as to any other couple.  Think about it very hard, do you really want to do this and cause all the hurt, pain and collateral damage?  Try everything and do give relationship counselling a chance.  If you do decide to go ahead with the divorce then do it kindly, carefully and gently.  Using an expert and sympathetic divorce lawyer will help you do this.

Easy it probably isn't
If you have grandchildren then the effects of your divorce will be felt by two generations, neither of whom would be expecting it.  The collateral damage will be very considerable not to mention the possible financial difficulties.  Having to handle all this as well as the breakup of your marriage makes this grandparent divorce especially difficult.

Talking to the children and grandchildren
So, what to tell the grandchildren let alone your own kids?  You're probably not going to tell them that Granny and Grandpa are smoking the leaves from that new and rather large plant in the greenhouse.  Perhaps the best advice is to tell them that Granny and Grandpa still love them and they will still be able to see them whenever you want.

Reassure them that they still have their mother and father and that will always be.  If you are divorced already then that's a little more difficult.  Remind them that life is still wonderful and happy in spite of your divorce.  Divorce doesn't mean the end of the world even when the much revered Granny and Grandpa are splitting up to pursue the free spirited delights of life after divorce.



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