Finding and using a divorce solicitor

Finding a divorce solicitor is vitally important. Getting divorced is probably going to cost a lot of money and you need to choose your divorce solicitor carefully.  If you would like a no obligation chat with a local expert Divorce solicitor then we will help find the right advice.  

Books on divorce law and solicitorsGoing to a divorce solicitor
For most men and women a visit to  a divorce solicitor is the first stage in getting a divorce. It will not be the cheapest option available but divorce can be an intimidating prospect and a good solicitor can help ease the way and give you the best start to your life after divorce.

Choosing a divorce solicitor can be tricky. We can put you in touch with a Family Law expert near you.  A recommendation from a recently divorced friend can be a good way to choose but remember having good chemistry with your solicitor is very important.  Your friend's choice was good for himor her but may not be right for you.
It is vital that you find a divorce solicitor with whom you feel you can talk about personal issues.  Take time at your first meeting to see if you feel comfortable with them.  You do not have to instruct the first solicitor you speak to if you are not happy with them after an initial discussion.

The Law Society gives good advice about how to handle your first meeting and the types of question you might find it helpful to ask. You can download their guide on getting a divorce which is available in several languages.

Divorce can cost a lot of moneyCost of a divorce
A divorce, using a solicitor, without including wrangling over any financial settlement or any other matters should, at a rough estimate, cost in the region of not less than £800, this does not include VAT or court fees.

You are very unlikely to get even the simplest divorce for less than this.  Most divorces will cost a lot more.  Solicitors charge on an hourly basis, so the more you argue and dispute with each other the more you will both end up paying. 

Seperation and DivorceCheck with at least two or three other firms about their fees and ask your chosen divorce solicitor to keep you informed at every stage of any costs that are being incurred.  However, as with the purchase of any product or service, price should not be your only consideration. Just as, or even more, important than cost is finding someone empathetic and friendly and who you can trust to act in your best interests while you are getting divorced. 

If you don't want to use a solicitor, have no children and have agreed any financial issues with your spouse then you will find our guide to managing your own divorce invaluable.  Order online now.  You could save yourself a lot of money.

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