Doing your own divorce

Doing your own divorce is only a good idea if the financial settlement and financial responsibility for children and where they are to live can be arranged without disagreement between you and your soon to be ex spouse. For a free, no obligation chat with a local expert Divorce solicitor then we will help you find the right advice.  

DIY and DIO divorces

Which translate as Do It Yourself Divorce and Do It Online Divorce respectively. 

Divorce mediation - always a good place to start 
It is always better if a couple in the throes of getting divorced can reach agreement about without a long drawn out battle and if you want to avoid going to court then mediation can offer a good solution. You will have to pay for using such a service but it will probably be cheaper than using a divorce solicitor to decide who gets the toaster, the foot spa or custody of Tiddles.

To find out more about divorce mediation services visit National Family Mediation for further infomation and advice.

DIY DivorceDo your own divorce
If you decide that you want to go ahead and do your own divorce your then you still have to deal with the courts and there is quite a lot of paperwork involved. Even so, it is a good idea to speak to a family solicitor before proceeding.  Your County Court will send you the necessary information and forms that you need or they can be downloaded from the Court Service website.

Court staff will not be able to give you any legal advice.  Lawpack’s Separation & Divorce DIY Kit gives expert guidance on the divorce process and shows you how to arrange a quick divorce on your own, without the expense of a solicitor. This excellent DIY Divorce Kit includes all the court forms you need plus information on the grounds for divorce, children and finances during divorce, plus practical tips from a divorce lawyer.

Divorce online
The online divorce comes in three versions.  The basic one is really just a straightforward Do It Yourself Divorce but most online services offer free telephone and e-mail backup. They cost in the region of £55 but this excludes court fees and costs involved in issuing a Consent Order (order made by the Court of terms agreed by both parties).

Managed divorce
The second and more expensive version is the managed divorce. Your online divorce company will do all the paperwork for you – apart from anything you may need to sign - including the Consent Order.  You can even have an online divorce solicitor service which is more expensive than the other two options but still less expensive than getting divorced the traditional way.


Again you get telephone and e-mail support as well as a case manager to oversee and co-ordinate the divorce process.  Not quite as easy as buying a packet of cornflakes and a trifle more expensive.  For a free, no obligation chat with an local expert Divorce solicitor then we will help you find the right advice. 


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