Divorce - the survival of the fittest

If you were planning to sail single handed across the Atlantic or go into battle with the Orcs then you would get into shape for the task ahead.  It's just the same for the rigours of divorce.

When you are stressed, emotionally drained and possibly depressed, you will start to feel the effects that these negative emotions can have on your body.  You may begin to feel slow and sluggish and this in turn reinforces the negativity of your feelings.  You need to keep a positive outlook on life and you can only really do that if your body is fit and working well.  That way you will have a good chance of making the most of your future and getting a good start on your life after divorce.

men and women in the gymA good body gives you a better brain
None of this is new or particularly suprising.  Getting fit by taking exercise is always going to be a good thing.  However, when fighting the maelstrom of divorce this is particularly important as a fit and working body has a major positive effect upon brain functions and hence your emotional state.

This is the stuff that makes you feel better.  It is produced by the body during exercise, excitement, pain, eating spicy foods and orgasm.  Now you could try to combine all of these but I think you might have a bit of a problem with the chicken vindaloo at the same time.  Probably best just to stick to the exercise.

What sort of exercise?
Almost anything as long as it involves moving will be good.  You can do many different exercises to get your life moving.  Just walking up the stairs at the office rather than taking the lift is a good start.  You should make sure that you are physically healthy enough to safely start an exercising routine.  Check this out with your doctor.  Going to the gym is seriously the best way to go.  You get the encouragement of having other like minded souls around and who knows there may be possibilities of romantic liaisons which brings us back to sex and spicy food.

Eat the right stuff
Now that you've made the commitment to exercise regularly, you need to give that hard working body of yours some good quality fuel.  If you've been binging on high fat comfort foods then a better diet will be an absolute necessity.  We have some great simple recipes to inspire you.  Learn to love anything green, savour the crisp clean taste of a good lettuce or the simple juiciness of a lamb chop and French beans.  Who needs a burger and fries?

If you do all this the Orcs will be a pushover, the Atlantic will be no wider than the English Channel and your life after divorce will be better than you ever dared hope.

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