Dating can be one of the most difficult and rewarding challenges in your new life after divorce.  A lot has changed over the years.  Internet dating has matured given rise to a wide variety of very different sites.  There are many pitfalls and it is really important that you find the right type of site for you.  If you feel now might be the right time to think about looking for a new partner then we have some useful advice to help make it both smooth and successful.  

Dating - be honest and realistic and you will be successful

Internet dating is now the second most popular way (after meeting through friends) to find a relationship. Some time ago it was for the socially inept or the desperate but not anymore. Now it's mainstream, recent research in the US suggests that around 30% of relationships begin online.


Dating etiquette for divorced men and women

It's your first time out since getting divorced with someone fresh from My Life After Divorce dating site Would Like To Meet and wham, an attack of last minute nerves hits you like an out of control Tesco delivery lorry.


Lies that can be told on a first date and those that can't

The first date in your new life after divorce can be a little spooky.  You will be severely out of practice and have all the self confidence of a five year old on the first day of school.  That first meeting is often stressful, sometimes surprising and occasionally wonderful.


Dating advice for divorced men and women

The average length of time between getting divorced and entering a new relationship is just over two years. Be brave and dip your toe into the dating waters, you never know who you might meet.


Managing expectations, a vital skill in dating for divorced men and women

Dating: by the time you've learned how to do it properly, you probably don't need it anymore.  A bit like sex and a lot of other things but don't despair, learning can be fun!


The key to successful dating after divorce is being funny

We at MyLifeAfterDivorce need to have our finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing world of getting and being divorced.  We offer our insights into dating after divorce.


Safety on dates, advice for men and women

Read our dating advice for divorced men and women if you are returning to the dating scene since getting divorced. You will probably need as much help as you can get to negotiate it without damage to yourself or others!


The first date in your life after divorce - handy hints to help avoid the pitfalls

The first date is the very stuff of legend.  There is unlimited potential for everything from a mild embarassment to a complete disaster.  Our handy hints are designed to help make it all go superbly well.


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