Storing, cooking and washing. Everything you need to do in the kitchen

The key activities that go on in a kitchen are storing your food, cooking it and washing your clothes.  For each of these you will need a machine.  The nature of divorce settlements is such that you are unlikely to have come through the trauma with this trio intact.

Fridges, fridge freezers and freezers 
Once upon a time a fridge was a white rectangular box that sat in the corner of the kitchen keeping the food cool but now your fridge can say as much about you as your choice of car or where you go on holiday. 

fridge freezerFridges, freezers and fridge freezers, like other appliances, can be freestanding or integrated into your kitchen units.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and colours.  The white tombstone in your kitchen is long gone.  Whichever one you pick make sure that you check the energy rating (A is the most efficient).  As these items are running 24/7 their energy efficiency is very has budget implications. 

When choosing a freezer you need to consider carefully how much food you need to keep.  Chest freezers have a larger capacity but are usually found in the suburban garage because of their size.  Most people will opt for an upright freezer for reasons of space and because they are easier to use.  No bending over with your head in the freezer groping around for that bag of prawns.

Another useful feature is to have the internal temerature displayed on the outside.  This gives reassurance that the thing is actually working properlt and safety looking after your home cooked boeuf en daube lying deep in the freezer section.

range cookerCookers of all shapes and sizes
Lots to choose from here.  Basically the choice is a free standing cooker, regular type or a range and a separate hob an oven.  Ranges have been popular for a number of years how.  They are more expensive than the 60cm regular type but if cooking is your interest or even passion then that's what you need.

If you do then buy the 90cm width as this will give you a regular sized oven (60cm) plus a extra half sized oven (big enough to roast a chicken) which is ideal and very efficient when cooking for one.  You will also have five burners rather than four.  The full sized oven is then ideal for Sunday lunch with friends and all those sparkling dinner parties!    

Separate hobs and ovens
These are more suitable if you want to integrate them into a fully fitted kitchen and come in a bewildering variety of designs and sizes.  It also means that you can have your oven at waist level which makes getting hot dishes and baking trays in and out so much safer and easier.

In areas where there is no gas then it's really got to be electricity unless you use LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) from a cylinder outside the kitchen.  Given that the ideal is to have a gas hob and an electic oven either separately or as dual fuel range then if you do not have mains gas then LPG is the only way to go.

washing machine...and lastly the washing machine
Not so much choice here you will be pleased to know.  They sit under the counter top and are available in a slightly reduced depth so that 'doors' can be fixed the front so the appliance matches in to the kitchen and does not look like a one eyed white monster.

All of them have a large variety of washing programmes (very often too large) but the most important feature is spin speed.  1600rpm is what you need, anything slower and the clothes will still be too damp to iron when the spin cycle finishes.

Tumble dryers are fine if you have the room for one in your kitchen.  However, they are very expensive to run and are really only worthwhile if you need to go from dirty t-shirt to clean dry t-shirt (or baby clothes) in double quick time.  A combined washing machine and tumble dryer is not the answer either as these machines do neither function well enough.        






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