Divorced Dinners: Warm potato salad with cheese

A simple meal for the least experienced divorced cook where the only actual cooking required is boiling a few new potatoes for a supper that can be on the table in twenty minutes.

Warm potato salad with cheese 
The type of cheese you use here can be just about anything that has good melting qualities but a good ripe piece of Brie, Camembert or similar would be suitable.  A decent Cheddar cut into the finest slices you can manage would also work well as would any of the milder blue cheeses.  Only one saucepan required so thrifty on washing up too.

istock_potatoes000004621258xsmall.jpg200g/½ lb new or baby potatoes
A good handful of spinach, rocket or watercress
Olive oil
A squeeze of lemon juice
100g/ 3oz cheese
Freshly ground black pepper

Boil the potatoes in salted water until just tender when prodded with a knife.

Pre heat your grill.

Gently toss your chosen salad leaves with a little olive oil and the lemon and scatter on a plate that will withstand the heat of the grill.

Strain the spuds and cut in half. Arrange quickly over the leaves and place the thinly sliced cheese over them. Put under the grill for just long enough for the cheese to melt to a delicious goo. Eat at once.

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