Divorced Dinners: Salted and grilled mackerel fillets with mustard

Fish is good for you, easy to cook and mackerel is also exceptionally good value. Our My Life After Divorce dedicated cookery writer has devised this delicious recipe for divorced cooks everywhere.

Grilled, salted mackerel fillets with mustard
Fresh mackerel is inexpensive, delicious and good for you. It contains more of the Omega3 stuff than you can shake a stick at.  Be sure that they are absolutely fresh with shiny almost slimy looking skins and eyes that are not sunk into their sockets. Ask the fishmonger to clean and fillet it for you.

fresh mackerel1 pair mackerel fillets
Sea salt
Dijon mustard

Lay the fillets skin side down on a plate and gently rub a little salt into the surface of the fish.  Sea salt is best because it contains lots of other minerals which are very tasty as well as being good for you.  Set aside for an hour then rinse under the cold tap and dry with kitchen paper.

Pre heat your grill and oil a sturdy baking sheet which you need to place under the grill to get hot before you start cooking.

Spread the surface of the fillets (not the skin side) generously with the mustard and slap onto the hot baking sheet. Grill for not more than four or five minutes.

Serve with a good squeeze of lemon, a few plainly boiled new or sauté potatoes and a green salad. Easy peasy.



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