Food and cooking for divorced men and women

Despite never cooking anything more exciting than spag bol it's not too late to develop an interest in cooking.  If life after divorce only holds the prosect of a succession of takeaways and ready meals then there is no time to waste.

woman eating saladGetting divorced may mean that the number of people you have to prepare food for on a regular basis has reduced by at least one.  In many instances you will be on your own for the majority of mealtimes, particularly if you are a man with children whom you only see at some weekends and school holidays.

The temptation in this situation is not to bother with making something delicious to eat for yourself but to resort to takeaways or ready meals.  This is OK occasionally but can have serious repercussions for your health and your pocket if indulged in on a regular basis.  Making something good to eat is not difficult nor need it be time consuming.  For goodness sake, as you have just experienced the relationship equivalent of nuclear attack, creamy lamb and pea curry is just a walk in the park.

Taking care of yourself
You really need to take care of yourself.  You have been through a gruelling time and it is quite likely that you have neglected your physical welfare for some time while you concentrated on the business of disentangling yourself from marital mayhem.

Time as they say, is truly a great healer but so is food.  And I don’t mean comfort eating here but the real pleasure and satisfaction that can come from preparing for yourself, and others, something good to eat.  Never make the excuse that you do not have time to cook.  Wonderful meals can be made without turning on the cooker and it is perfectly possible to prepare a meal from scratch for several hungry people in less time than it takes to join the queue at the local chippie.

Get your backside off that sofa, tear yourself away from the latest thrilling episode of Corrie and get into the kitchen.  If you don’t know how to do the basic stuff then its time to find out.

What is food for?aubergines
Food is not, nor should it be, regarded simply as fuel.  We are not machines and the role that food plays in our lives goes way beyond just providing us with the energy to haul our backsides out of bed in the morning to do a day's work.

Everyone now knows that a diet that is based on food prepared at home from good quality ingredients with a high proportion of fruit and vegetables included is one that will best provide you with a good basis for a healthy future.

What you should be convinced of is that cooking should never be a chore but rather a creative and rewarding activity.  OK, understand, there will be days when really fancy a Chinese, and why not?

Good food is not complicated, difficult or frightening, after all, you are only making yourself something to eat and there is plenty of help available to make the transition from sofa spud to fabulous home cook.

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