This is about some of the very serious things that can cause great damage to a relationship and eventually lead to its collapse.  We talk about the devastating effects of depression, domestic abuse or alcohol addiction and we offer advice and infomation about getting help to overcome these crippling problems so that they do not cast a long shadow over your future life after divorce.

Help with other addictive behaviours and marital breakdown

Although drink and illegal drugs immediately spring to mind when the issue of addictions is raised, they are far from being the only culprits to cause marital breakdown and the possibility of getting divorced.


Physical and emotional abuse. Part One

Abuse in relationships is not the sole preserve of men and it is a mistake to pretend that abuse from women towards blokes does not happen. Abuse, and the desire to end it, is one of the common reasons for getting divorced..


Alcohol and substance abuse

No relationship can withstand the effects of long term alcohol or substance abuse in one or possibly both of it's partners. The link between domestic violence and alcohol is well documented.


Abuse and abusers - where to find help

Stereotypes and assumptions about abusers and victims help nobody. Abusers come from all walks of life and across the social classes. Being abused may well have been one of your reasons for getting divorced.


Sexual abuse in marriage

A sensitive subject that arouses strong emotions and can have serious repercussions legally, emotionally and physically for the perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse even after divorce.


What is depression after divorce and where can I find help

Depression is the most common mental health problem amongst all sections of the population and can be triggered by a number of  traumatic life events such as divorce.


Physical and emotional abuse. Part Two

Acts of physical and  sexual violence are not the only way in which men and women seek to control each other.  Getting divorced can put an end to such abuse in a relationship but the effects can last for many years after.


Why did I get divorced?

Asking yourself some questions and answering them honestly can help you understand the reasons for your marriage breakdown. It may not be easy but may stop you repeating the same mistakes in your life after divorce.


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