We have lots of divorce advice about the process of divorce and how to go about getting a divorce.  We also have help and support in dealing with the challenges to be faced after divorce.  It's a very difficult time especially if you have children, so we have lots to help from parenting after divorce to getting your finances in good shape for your new life.  It's not going to be easy but with perseverence, optimism and a little help from us it will work out and you will be happy again. 

Mediation - a better way to divorce. Part Two

Our legal system is based on the concept that the best way to sort out a problem, be it a divorce or a personal injury case, is for each side to hire a lawyer and for them to slug it out in court.


Five phases of divorce, a route map of the rocky road to a great life after divorce

Divorce rarely creeps up upon you like a thief in the night, softly and slowly.  Rather it arrives without warning like an earthquake shaking every part of your world and destroying so much of what has taken years to build.


Mediation - a better way to divorce: Part One

Divorce proceedings can be vicious, protracted and very expensive.  Fighting to the last breath is destructive and usually denies the divorcing couple any chance of being able to enjoy or even contemplate attending future family occasions.


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