We have lots of divorce advice about the process of divorce and how to go about getting a divorce.  We also have help and support in dealing with the challenges to be faced after divorce.  It's a very difficult time especially if you have children, so we have lots to help from parenting after divorce to getting your finances in good shape for your new life.  It's not going to be easy but with perseverence, optimism and a little help from us it will work out and you will be happy again. 

Divorce - the survival of the fittest

If you were planning to sail single handed across the Atlantic or go into battle with the Orcs then you would get into shape for the task ahead.  It's just the same for the rigours of divorce.


No more Legal Aid for divorce? Is divorce insurance a good idea?

The government wants to scrap Legal Aid for divorce totally.  This will mean that anyone who wants to protect their share of the fallout from a divorce will have to pay for all their own costs.


How to avoid a life after divorce, check out these signs of a divorce on the way

You get married, big wedding, lots of friends and family and the two of you are floating on a sea of champagne, everlasting love and boundless hope for the future.


Is the marriage worth saving or is divorce inevitable?

All marriages are worth trying to save, whilst some can be saved others will never be.  Is there a fundamental cause of marriage failure?  Is there some common lack that tears apart the delicate fabric of a relationship.


How to avoid divorce by rekindling the fire of the relationship

Perhaps the biggest casualty of a divorce is the loss of what can be called "the illusion."  It's the illusion that "that divorce (like cancer) happens to other people but not to us." 


5 things you might want to know about getting a good divorce

There are some things that you can do to help make the whole process of divorce less traumatic for both of you.  Damage limitation is the best course.  Fighting each other causes wounds which can take a long time to heal.


How to fix an unhappy marriage - have an affair?

The road to divorce can often take us through strange lands and to unfamiliar places.  One of those is the rather dark world of Married/in a Relationship Dating.


Legal aid and divorce

Legal Aid for divorce is becoming very difficult to get.  If you have a low income you might be eligible for legal.  Your divorce solicitor will be able to tell you if you do and help you make a claim.   


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