We have lots of divorce advice about the process of divorce and how to go about getting a divorce.  We also have help and support in dealing with the challenges to be faced after divorce.  It's a very difficult time especially if you have children, so we have lots to help from parenting after divorce to getting your finances in good shape for your new life.  It's not going to be easy but with perseverence, optimism and a little help from us it will work out and you will be happy again. 

Are you the divorcer or the divorcee? There is a big difference.

I guess we all know that men and women tend to come at divorce from slightly different angles.  But what about the difference between the instigator (Divorcer) and the person being divorced (Divorcee)?


Alcohol and substance abuse

No relationship can withstand the effects of long term alcohol or substance abuse in one or possibly both of it's partners. The link between domestic violence and alcohol is well documented.


Sexual abuse in marriage

A sensitive subject that arouses strong emotions and can have serious repercussions legally, emotionally and physically for the perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse even after divorce.


Have our attitudes to divorce been shaped by our experiences as cave dwelling hunter/gatherers?

Well, maybe but what could we learn from a primitive life in a limestone cavern that could possibly be relevant or useful in our lives today?  Strangely there are some fundamental behaviour patterns that were formed in the early part of our evolution that still effect our lives today.  


Five warning signs that life after divorce might be just around the corner

For every crisis we encounter in life there are usually some indications before the event that it is going to happen.  Divorce is one of those events.  No divorce comes out of the blue, they all have history.


How to stop divorce coming down your road and hitting you at full speed

If your marriage is anywhere from a bit out of shape to in a very bad way and you want to save it you have to understand how to stop the divorce truck from hitting you at great speed.


Divorce is like a death, you need to go through a grieving process

The cataclysmic events that are the stuff of divorce are so much like the death of a loved one.  Divorce can be both sudden or a long time coming as the cancer in the marriage spreads inexorably through the relationship.


Help with other addictive behaviours and marital breakdown

Although drink and illegal drugs immediately spring to mind when the issue of addictions is raised, they are far from being the only culprits to cause marital breakdown and the possibility of getting divorced.


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