We have lots of divorce advice about the process of divorce and how to go about getting a divorce.  We also have help and support in dealing with the challenges to be faced after divorce.  It's a very difficult time especially if you have children, so we have lots to help from parenting after divorce to getting your finances in good shape for your new life.  It's not going to be easy but with perseverence, optimism and a little help from us it will work out and you will be happy again. 

What is depression after divorce and where can I find help

Depression is the most common mental health problem amongst all sections of the population and can be triggered by a number of  traumatic life events such as divorce.


You believed you were ready for marriage; are you now ready for divorce?

The decision to marry was not taken lightly.  You thought about it, discussed it and imagined together how it was going to be.  You felt ready to make the commitment and looked forward to a happy and harmonious life.


If divorce is the only answer, think it through very carefully

There are relationships that just cannot be fixed.  Then there are relationships which nobody has tried hard enough to fix. It's easy to get a divorce but it's difficult to stop the divorce process once it has begun. 


Physical and emotional abuse. Part One

Abuse in relationships is not the sole preserve of men and it is a mistake to pretend that abuse from women towards blokes does not happen. Abuse, and the desire to end it, is one of the common reasons for getting divorced..


Abuse and abusers - where to find help

Stereotypes and assumptions about abusers and victims help nobody. Abusers come from all walks of life and across the social classes. Being abused may well have been one of your reasons for getting divorced.


When a relationship is in trouble couple counselling gets results

All couples have some difficulties within their relationship.  Most of these can be resolved by them as part of the stuff we have to do in all aspects of our lives.  However, there are occasions when things move up a level (or two) and it's not a DIY fix.


A peaceful divorce - yes, it can be done but you need to know how to do it

Current divorce rates suggest almost half of married couples will face the prospect of divorce at least once in the lifetime.  The popular belief about divorce is that it has to be vicious, adversarial and very expensive.


Physical and emotional abuse. Part Two

Acts of physical and  sexual violence are not the only way in which men and women seek to control each other.  Getting divorced can put an end to such abuse in a relationship but the effects can last for many years after.


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