Divorce is probably the most difficult and stressful thing that you may have to deal with in life.  Here we share some thoughts and ideas about how to recognise the signs of a marriage that is in danger and what to do about it to get it back on course.  Repairing a marriage is often better than just scrapping it.  

How to stop divorce coming down your road and hitting you at full speed

If your marriage is anywhere from a bit out of shape to in a very bad way and you want to save it you have to understand how to stop the divorce truck from hitting you at great speed.


Divorce can be avoided if you think differently and create beneficial boundaries

Relationships are constantly changing as they adapt to the stresses and pressures created by the evolving needs and aspirations of the individuals in the relationship.


Five warning signs that life after divorce might be just around the corner

For every crisis we encounter in life there are usually some indications before the event that it is going to happen.  Divorce is one of those events.  No divorce comes out of the blue, they all have history.


Grey panthers are big on divorce, how to spot the signs and avoid the apocalypse. Part One.

The rise in divorce amongst the over fifties is now well known. A generation ago it was almost unheard off. What has changed in our society to make it almost common place.


You believed you were ready for marriage; are you now ready for divorce?

The decision to marry was not taken lightly.  You thought about it, discussed it and imagined together how it was going to be.  You felt ready to make the commitment and looked forward to a happy and harmonious life.


Grey panthers are big on divorce, how to spot the signs and avoid the apocalypse. Part Two.

In Part One we noted that we have lost the ability to compromise and accommodate each other in our relationships and are no longer prepared to work at our relationships.  Here are more key signs of the possibility of impending divorce in the later years of a relationship.


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