We have lots of divorce advice about the process of divorce and how to go about getting a divorce.  We also have help and support in dealing with the challenges to be faced after divorce.  It's a very difficult time especially if you have children, so we have lots to help from parenting after divorce to getting your finances in good shape for your new life.  It's not going to be easy but with perseverence, optimism and a little help from us it will work out and you will be happy again. 

Divorce - it's not always the end of the relationship

Most people when considering divorce as the best answer to an unsatisfactory marriage think that it will bring an end to everything and a chance for a brand new start. It doesn't often do that.


Grey panthers are big on divorce, how to spot the signs and avoid the apocalypse. Part One.

The rise in divorce amongst the over fifties is now well known. A generation ago it was almost unheard off. What has changed in our society to make it almost common place.


Grey panthers are big on divorce, how to spot the signs and avoid the apocalypse. Part Two.

In Part One we noted that we have lost the ability to compromise and accommodate each other in our relationships and are no longer prepared to work at our relationships.  Here are more key signs of the possibility of impending divorce in the later years of a relationship.


Why did I get divorced?

Asking yourself some questions and answering them honestly can help you understand the reasons for your marriage breakdown. It may not be easy but may stop you repeating the same mistakes in your life after divorce.


Relationship trouble ahead? Some important signs

Relationships are not easy and they never will be.  That’s why we spend so much time thinking and worrying about them.  The major signs of trouble are easy to identify.  But what about the smaller signs, those that are hard to spot but over the years combine to work away to damage and often destroy the relationship.


The stress of divorce - ways to help cope and move forward to a better calmer world.

If divorce was easy then more people would be doing it than are already.  There is only one thing that will help to reduce the stress of the divorce process and that is the right method of divorce for your situation.


Parenting after divorce - an essential skill set for your new life

Parenting is for life.  It's not optional, it's a commitment.  When a relationship breaks down parenting takes on a whole different aspect and requires a whole different set of skills.


Divorce can be avoided if you think differently and create beneficial boundaries

Relationships are constantly changing as they adapt to the stresses and pressures created by the evolving needs and aspirations of the individuals in the relationship.


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