17 thing you need to know about divorce

  1. The world's oldest divorcees were Simon and Ida Stern of Wisconsin, USA, who were 97 and 92 respectively when they parted; you are never too old for a life changing divorce.

  2. Two thirds of divorcees say that they do not think there is such a thing as an amicable divorce. Keep trying, it can be done.

  3. One in ten married men and women do not have sex with each other. They may, of course, be having sex with someone else.

  4. A French woman was arrested at her wedding reception in 1995 for stabbing her new husband with the knife which only moments before they had used to cut the cake; it's never too soon to attempt to end the marriage.

  5. Staying friends with your ex spouse is a good thing to do especially if you have children but it is very difficult, so try hard, it will be worth it.

  6. Trying to take all means of financial support away from someone you once loved is not a nice thing to do.

  7. The divorce rate has fallen in every age group apart from the over 60s where it has risen consistently for the last ten years.

  8. It can take a long time to recover from getting divorced; some people struggle for a long time but it will happen.
  9. After the divorce you have a completely new set of challenges, some of which can be great fun.
  10. The most common of the grounds for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage caused by your spouse's unreasonable behaviour.  If your husband/wife has not behaved unreasonably that does not matter you can just make it all up.

  11. The court is only interested in the care and well being of any children of the marriage and how to split the family financial assets between you.  
  12. You do not need to have any reasons for getting divorced, building upon half truths or making something up is just fine.  The courts are not interested in who did what or who is telling the truth.
  13. Relationship counselling is non judgemental (which is a good thing) but in order to succeed it needs the full cooperation of both of you (which is a difficult thing). 
  14. Divorce is a very expensive game best played by rich people; ordinary people can rarely afford to play. 
  15. If you have a divorce driven by a deep seated feeling of having been wronged (either real or imaginary) then be prepared for a cross between a medieval siege and the Battle of the Somme.

  16. In the worst case your spouse will ride each one of The Four Horses of The Divorce Apocalypse - Anger, Resentment, Fear and Guilt.

  17. During the course of getting divorced your soon to be ex (STBx) will probably become irrational and vindictive.  It is very distressing but try not to stress about it, it's unfortuneatly quite normal.

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