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Welcome to My Life After Divorce

Thank you for visiting My Life After Divorce.  We've just completed some really useful changes to the site to make it easier to move around and find just what you are looking for.  There is loads of stuff to help you find advice about getting a divorce (including the reasons for divorce) as well as help and support (not to mention dating!) for your life after divorce.

We're here to help make things a little better for you at whatever stage in the long divorce process you have reached.  Whether you are preparing yourself for divorce, in the process of being divorced or getting on with life after divorce we've got around 300 helpful, informative and optimistic articles with links to many more specialist sites across the internet.

We have some great services to help you

       Going to divorce?  Get the best local specialist divorce solicitor working for you

       Find a local Independent Financial Adviser to sort your crucial divorce finances

       Moving towards divorce?  Go there more gently using local Family Mediation

       Will writing: Get your will changed to reflect your new life after divorce

       Selling your house as part of a divorce settlement? Get a quote for your conveyancing

Have a good look around our site.  We know that divorce and life after divorce can be difficult but you'll find we always take an optimistic and totally positive view of the problems and difficulties.  Take heart it's going to be OK, it will work out and there is a great life after divorce waiting for you.


Best wishes

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If you decide that the only solution to your failing marriage is divorce.

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iStock wedding ring000006036102XSmallDivorce should be about two people dissolving their relationship with dignity.

However, it's often more about the money.

Get the best advice and a fair divorce settlement.